Please recommend a breed that makes excellent mothers!


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I'm really into self-sufficient type stuff, and I'd really like to find a way for the hens to hatch and raise their own chicks with little-to know interference from me. That way, among other things, I'm not reliant on an electric brooder light. My main concern is predators during the day time, such as our barn cats. I lock all the chickens up in predator-proof coops every night, but during the day the chickens free range all over.

What breed of chicken (standard or bantam) would you all recommend that goes broody frequently and makes excellent protective mommas? Or will most hens protect their babies from predators? Or is asking a hen to protect her babies from cats and other predators asking too much? Please share your opinions!
Thanks so much for all the replies so far!
Please keep the suggestions coming!

(just a reminder that I'm looking for a breed that is frequently broody and fiercely protective mothers, just to be clear

Encorepistol - Are you referring to all game chickens, or do you have a specific kind in mind? I know of three... Standard Old English Game, Old English Game Bantam (which I was shocked to find out are not at all related to the standard OEG), and American Game.

down the first page it talks about this.

Many dual purpose breeds (meat/eggs) have some tendency to go broody. Henderson's tells how likely most any breed is to go broody.

My personal favorite is Kraeinkoppes because they were very friendly chickens (to people and other chickens) and freely shared setting and mothering duties among themselves. At present I have a Black Australorp and a coupe of Easter Eggers who are broody or mothering. (Well, EE is not a breed, but that's another story.) I don't really care for Silkies, and games have their own personality characteristics, particularly the males.

Hatcheries have been trying to breed this trait out for some time, because a broody does not lay eggs, so it's erratic whether you will get a broody or not.

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