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    I've tried to go through many informative threads on diseases... exhausted :(!
    It's been years since I have had chickens and it may have been my ignorance however I never had the issues of fowl pox and other diseases.
    Now I'm wondering if I've stepped into a plate problems with starting up raising chickens. Hope I'm over reacting but better to be informed and ready for whatever.
    Fowl pox for example... How do you give a shot? I'm a visual learner so is there a DVD or YouTube with close up viewing? What size of needles does one use? How much vaccine is used on each chick? Does one change needles with each chick? After mixing the vaccine ... I will not have a thousand chicks what is the proper way of disposal of the extra vaccine?
    I hope I placed this in the correct thread.
    Thanks so much for your patience.
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    Fowl pox vaccine is usually given with a pronged instrument included in the vaccine under the wing. It needs to be given exactly as the directions say, since incorrectly given vaccines can result in a serious injection site infection. There is a video below--I didn't watch it, so I can't say if it was done correctly. Here are many links with information:

    From Clemson University:

    Fowl Pox vaccination in chickens: fowl pox vaccine is applied (with a little fork applicator) by wing web method to 4-
    week old chickens and to pullets about 1-2 months prior to egg production, and boosted annually prior to egg laying the
    next year. There is a young bird fowl pox vaccine that can be given to chicks. Young birds in heavily infected pox areas
    may need an additional booster in 8 weeks because of interference from maternal antibodies that might be present up
    to 3 weeks of age in chicks if the hen had been vaccinated with pox.
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