Please rescue Pekin Duck in Indiana

Susan C

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Sep 13, 2019
I live on a suburban pond in Greenwood, Indiana. In June, my neighbor brought home two Pekin ducklings from Rural King and put them on the pond. One of the ducklings disappeared within 2 days. The other has survived so far. I feed the Mallards, and this Pekin has been eating as well. However, the mallards fly off after eating in the mornings and evenings, leaving the Pekin totally alone all day and night. It is breaking my heart seeing him sitting out there all alone, not to mention that he is vulnerable to the coyotes, fox and raccoons in the area. I would pay someone to come out and rescue him and take him somewhere where he can be with others of his kind and live a good life. Not in the wild where he is not supposed to be. I've even thought of introducing another domestic duck to keep him from being lonely, but know in my heart that I would be setting the second one up for certain death as well. I have contacted a nearby wildlife refuge who told me if I could bring it to them, they would take it. But I can't get near this duck and am gone from home 10 hours a day at work. Can anyone help rescue this poor soul?


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Apr 9, 2016
California's Redwood Coast
In June, my neighbor brought home two Pekin ducklings from Rural King and put them on the pond
Geeze, I'm sorry your neighbor is such a Stew Pidasso... I'd be reporting them next time to the authorities. Babies need warmth. :mad: In addition to protection and nutrition.

If you can figure out where the duck is sleeping at night... or even set up a live catch trap with feed... it might be easier to grab it. :fl


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Oct 16, 2019
oh my gosh that's so heart breaking, I hope someone is able to catch it soon before something bad happens to it :( If I were closer I would be there by the end of the day.

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