PLEASE save our Roosters! Let their Crow be heard.


10 Years
Jun 3, 2009
Belton, Missouri
We need to do something to save our Roos from being banned! Roosters are not as loud as a Dog, a Rooster can be shut up at night. We need our Roos for the raising of Chickens. Who wants to buy Chickens?, when we can raise them. Without Roos we will not be able to do this! We need to do something to save our MAGNIFECENT Roosters! Let their Crow be heard once again!
I can't change the law but I can give my support.
I live next to a house with 3 dogs. They are WAAY louder then a rooster could ever be!
I really want a Roo...
Give us back our roosters!!
Dido!!! The no roosters law falls under the noise ordinance in the city of Everett, but if I can keep them quiet between 9-10am to 9pm then there shouldn't be any problems with keeping a rooster. I'm sure this issue will continue to grow as more city folk raise chickens, and for those of use that raise them as pets, what are we to do with our friendly roos when we grow attached to them??? Part of me what's to push to change things, but then I worry the city may come back and say, "That's a problem we don't want to address, so let's not allow chickens at all."
I guess our towns just weird. All day u hear roosters crowing...mine usually greets my leaving for work with a crow
Why should we soundproof our chicken houses? Ever live in a big city? The din is 24/7. We need to keep pointing out that barking dogs are always worse; are we going to ban dogs?

Noise ordinances that apply to people noises (boom boxes, etc.) are one thing. We have a right to raise our own food, and if we raise chickens, that requires roosters.

JMHO, of course.

Oh, the town I lived in for the last 30 years or so allows roosters -- and cows, and goats --
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A noise ordinance should apply to ALL noise, irrespective of the cause. The standard should state volume (in decibels from the property line), duration/frequency and time. That is pretty much the way my city's noise ordinance reads, although roosters are not allowed in most residential zones. I am lucky to be in one of the two that does allow roos.

Anyways, it is relatively easy to measure decibels (this ordinance was written because of loud parties, especially near ASU, but applies equally to all noise disturances.

Loud noises are generally also regulated by ordinances on use of loud machinery, and typically exclude late night. For Tempe, I believe it is 9pm to 6am.
I agree, I have a dog... she's a VERY loud barker.... I'm sure I could keep roosters, and she'd drown them out
These so called ( Chicken Laws) are just ridiculous. There are things more louder and smellier than Chickens and Roos, such as for louder : Living next door to an Airport, Heavy construction right outside your house with loud Jack Hammers driving you insane, Living next to a Dog Breeder with thousands of Barking dogs in a Kennel ( that is smellier than chickens), Sirens screaming by your house, Boom Boxes in cars at High Volume, ( that should be Banned), As for smellier : Living across the street from a Cess Pool, living next door to a Dog Breeders kennel (mentioned above), Pig Lots, Cow Lots, junk yards,Etc, Etc! I could go on and on so why this Stupid Banning of our Chickens and Roos! We need our Chickens for food, or they are beloved pets ( as mine are) we need Roos for the raising of our Chickens. The cities that Bann our Precious Beloved Feathered friends, needs to find something else to bann and leave Chickens alone!

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