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    We're building an addition and I want to make sure it's got plenty of ventilation. The existing coop only has the walk door (which we keep open now but in the future we won't be able to) plus a window on the other end, plus the pop door. We'll be adding vents to the existing coop on one side where the nest boxes are now (these will not be used as nest boxes) and want to incorporate as much ventilation as possible in the new addition.
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    I like the ventilation as high as I can get it in the winter so there is no draft blowing on the birds when they roost. On the left, between the rafters, I left the area between the top of the walls to the roof open, and covered it with hardware cloth. On the right, I left the area created by the slope of the roof above my 8' wall open and covered that with hardware cloth. It helps to have an overhang over the openings to minimize the rain blowing in.

    During the summer, I have a window at their roost level I leave open, again protected with hardware cloth.

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    I got little vents at Lowes for less than $2. I really like them.


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