Please show me photos of your Silkie crosses.


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Apr 18, 2009
Southeast Alabama
We are trying to decide on a rooster to keep with our mixed laying flock and I suggested putting in a Silkie roo so I can hatch a few of the eggs. I have seen some photos of pretty Silkie cross-breeds. I already searched the forum and saw some pictures, but want to see more. Please show me pictures of yours. Silkies mixed with anything--tell me what it is mixed with if you know.

Has anyone ever mixed a Silkie and Easter Egger? Silkie and Black Sex Link? These are the ones I think may look strange mixed with a Silkie roo. I think my other hens will make cute babies with a Silkie roo. We are mostly going to eat the eggs from this pen and give them to family, but I am interested in hatching some just to get pretty mutt pets.


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Dec 3, 2008
Sealy, TX (West Houston area)
I'd love to see pics too...pretty please...

All of my chickens run together and I have a Silkie roo, Sizzle roo and RIR roo. If we hatch out any of our eggs, I have no idea what to expect! Well actually, I expect to have mostly RIR mutts, since he's obviously the Alpha...LOL.


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Aug 25, 2008
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You asked for it!!
This is a SilkieSeramacana...

The mom was one of my broody bantams, in with the Seramas. She was a silkie ameraucana cross. I used her b/c she laid green eggs, and I could leave them in there, collect the Serama eggs and let her go broody. She was killed, and I hatched out her last egg. The dad was Serama Sammy..

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