Please show me pictures of your nipple waterers setup!

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by BarefootMom, Mar 24, 2013.

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    In the past I used standard waterers - typically the 5-gallon bucket with tray. I have my chicks on the brooder bottle nipples right now and am in love with them. But I will eventually need a grown up setup for the hens. I would like to do a gravity fed system, as low cost as possible. I am making chicken tractors for them now and I would like to be able to attach a PVC pipe in the tractor and be able to move a stand where the bucket sits or something. (don't have it all figured out) So if you have pictures of your nipple waterer system, please post them here to give me some ideas. Thanks so much. Here is a picture of my 2 week old chicks and their brooder bottles - these are just 2 liter bottles in a calf bottle holder. The brooder bottle cap is sold by The Chicken Fountain, screws on any soda type bottle.


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    Hello, I just joined this site as I liked the conversations.

    I use a gravity feed drink cup system for my chickens we purchased from cackel hatchery. I don't much care for the saddle fittings, but found another source of actual 1/2" pvc tees with threaded a threaded port. I am in the process of adding a gravity system such as this for my rabbits as well. .

    You could use a 5 gallon bucket, with a spigot to run something like this, we started with 5 gallons and went to 55 gallon tank to keep the water cool.

    There are also 16 gallon blue barrels available if you wish a little more water and weight to keep wind from getting a hold of it. We elevate 3/4' up but if memory serves, 2 - 3' is what is recommended (anybody correct me if I am wrong).
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    I started with water nipples in a pvc pipe that connected to a 5-gallon bucket, but I've switched over to just nipples fitted into the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. The reason is that I can't clean the inside of the pvc pipe if/when it get's dirty or slimy. Even when I keep the water bucket cleaned very regularly, after a time I could tell there was a build up slippery film inside the pvc pipe. It's inevitable. And if I get any algae in the bucket for any reason (which is also inevitable) it goes straight into that pipe. On the other hand, with the nipples directly in the bottom of the bucket I can clean everything very easily. The bucket is easy to move since it can be hung from a chain, a hook, a nail, or whatever. It can also be adjusted for taller or shorter birds (bantam/large fowl, chicks or adults). If you click on "my coop" just below my avatar, you can get to the page that shows my original Watering System and how it was constructed. It worked very well, but when I expanded my coop and pen I had to move it. That's when I decided to make the switch.

    Here's a bucket I made last week for my 3 week old chicks. It's a smaller bucket that will be moved to their outdoor pen when they go outside. I ordered my nipples from QC Supply, but some local feed stores are selling them now, too. Mine are screw in, but a lot of people are having good success with the push-in variety when used in buckets.



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