Please show me your run roosts!

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  1. I have a nice sized roost in my run, but my babies are babies no longer and are getting mighty big. They need something bigger and I'd like to get it out there this weekend. My run is made of 2x2s and 1/2" welded wire. How do you connect your roosts, or how do you build them to be sturdy enough for your heavies?

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Mar 10, 2007
    How big is your run? I have some big branches in mine.....I have a couple of boxes in there also, for protection and have put 2x4's on them to create a roost....also a big piece of driftwood.
  3. My run is L-shaped and wraps around my 8x8 shed/coop on two sides. It's 8x16 plus another 8x8. Here's a pic when I was building it.

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  4. I think I semi-figured this out. I'm going to get a couple brackets and attach a 2x4 roost to the coop wall, then put some screws in the other end, to support it through the welded wire. That should work. [​IMG]

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