Please someone HELP! Noisy Hen don't know what to do!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Pearlshens, May 15, 2016.

  1. Pearlshens

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    May 15, 2016
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    I have 4 back garden hen's, 2 are exchequer leghorns, 1 is a bantam wyandotte and the other is a Welsummer cross we think with a wyandotte. They are all over a year old and I've owned them for just over a year now.
    With where I live, I can't have an excessive amount of noise. My Welsummer cross started making this noise when someone was trying to lay/are laying/after she has laid and then just because she wants to. She doesn't do this regularly but when she does do it she does it all throughout the day and she used to stop after a couple of bawks, or stop when told to but now she just carries on to the point I have to run out. She causes me a lot of stress as I'm scared about what the neighbours would think or do about her noisy day. She used to be so quiet.
    I've read other forums to do with this issue, but I didn't find any helpful as most just said "Give the neighbours some eggs", "chicken's aren't quiet", "it's a nice song that they do and it's a good thing". Stuff like that, I live in the middle of other houses surrounding mine, I know chicken's aren't quiet and I don't expect them to be. My others tell us once in the morning that they want something and then they just lay down relaxing or pecking around throughout the day. Luckily she doesn't make this noise occasionally but as I've said, that one day that she does it she decides to do it all day for no reason.
    I'm worried that I'll have to rehome her, I love her to bits but i have to go to work or go somewhere most days so her doing this whenever she feels like it is just upsetting of what could happen to her.
    I've tried a crow collar to quieten it down as I've been told that they can help. I've tried covering them up, I've tried removing her from the others as like a time out. I've tried distracting her with food or other things. Theres got to be a way to quieten her down or at least cut the noise down when she does do it.
    Please help :/
  2. potato chip

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    I understand the stress involved, but it isn't all the time, and it's during the day time. You can't know what the neighbours think unless you ask them. Chances are that it does not bother them and you are worrying about nothing.

    I adopted another chook and she was yelling her head off some mornings, but she seems to have settled down. Is there anything different lately? There might be something "setting her off" on the days she gets going with the Ethel Merman impersonations. If she's only started up recently, she might stop..... How long has she been laying? It might be associated with her reaching maturity.
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    I know you said you read this, but chickens are noisy. They vocalize a lot, and certain individuals are louder. She could be acting the part of the rooster. You can't really stop her. Right now is the prime season for breeding and reproducing, and your hens are hormonal. They will get quieter towards fall.
  4. junebuggena

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    Some hens just really like the sound of their own voice. I've got some who hardly ever do the egg song, and I've some that do it every time someone else does, and just for fun to boot. You can't stop her. If you feel that you just can't have a hen making that kind of noise, rehome her. But be warned. If you do get rid of your little noise-maker, another of your hens may take her place.
  5. DanEP

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    If she's only getting loud during the day there may be a good chance your neighbors are at work too. One more thing I've never heard a chicken that was any louder than a barking dog.

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