Please tell me how to ship baby chicks safely.

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    [​IMG] I got to ship 4 little baby chicks from NC. to PA. I need to know the best and safest way to ship them.Where do I get my box and so on.Theya re doing fine and are my 1st ones,but I did promise these small children I would.Help!!![​IMG]
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    there is an 800 number that the usps provides. also murray mcmurray sells them. Add hay or shavings and a apple for moisture [​IMG]

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    If these baby chicks are over 3 days old, they are unlikly to make it alive via mail. They would need constant heat, food, and water now they are past using up their yolk. With just 4, you would need a heat pad if they were just hatched. If they are eating, it's too late and you should now wait till they are at least 8 weeks old before being able to ship them again.

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