Please tell me how to tell the difference b/t molting & mites...

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    I have red frizzle who seems to have lost alot of feathers on his feet, wings and neck. His legs also look red like a sunburn, same with his neck. Can anyone show me pictures of a frizzle thats molting or a regular chicken with mites or something, i tried to find a picture and couldnt! Please help me! He has not been with any other chickens but himself

    ETA: my camera is dead and i dont have my charger
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    How old is the chicken? Moulting tends to happen in certain age ranges.
    For red mites, go into the chicken coop at night and use a flashlight to check in crevices around the roost and coop corners. It's a slow moving 8 legged creature, about 1 mm. long.
    For black mites, go in at night and use the flashlight to check around the vent area. They are also a slow moving 8 legged creature, about the size of a coarsely ground speck of pepper.
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