Please tell me it's just a "Teen" thing

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    Sep 25, 2015
    I got six chicks who are 3 months old.3 Rhode island Reds,3 Newhampshire reds.

    They "Use" to be great chickens,but are turning into wild Game fowl(we think).They spend all their time in the woods.At one point,they use to be very sweet,and calm,and it seems like they have averaged fro the normal "Do not touch me" to a crazy wild pack(some of them).

    maybe they are just nervous when I come for them because my dog has chased them and Terrorized them?Every time a simple movement is made in my hand,they begin screaming,I move the scratch lid near them they freak,at least the one in my hand did.

    This whole attitude hopefully is just a teen it?
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    I'd definitely say it has to do with age. [​IMG] There's a HUGELY significant personality change in pullets once they begin laying or are near laying age. They seem to calm down, become more docile, and even friendly.

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