Please tell me my hen is crowing...


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Aug 21, 2008
Kitsap County, Washington
In June we went to the feed store and picked up 5 baby chicks. We only want hens, well Buttercup turned out to be a rooster. He went to a great home, thank goodness. Well now another one of my chickens has started crowing. Do you think he/she is a roo?


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May 6, 2008
San Francisco Bay Area, EB
Since you got rid of the roo, could she be taking over for him. Someone else on this site mentioned that as a reason for hens crowing. My "hen" does it too, in response to Roo, her companion. Maybe it is not as unusual as we think it to be. Chickie has yet to lay an egg, but from pics, folks tell me she IS a SHE.

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Aug 20, 2008
Our hen started crowing after she got separated from her buds when she got her leg amputated..
She still laid her egg every other day, though. It was sort of a call and response thing.. Rooster would crow, the inside hen would too. Dunno how that's really possible, but hey. It gives you some hope?


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Sep 14, 2008
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We picked up 6 chicks at a local farm 2 yrs ago (our first chickens). My husband grilled the poor guy who selected them for us, asking him if he was REALLY sure they were not male. He insisted he was very confident in his chicken pickin' skills. Sure enough, we had 4 roosters out of 6 chicks! I was in such denial that when they started crowing, I kept telling my husband they were just big-mouths ladies! He finally sat me down one day to look at photos on the web and told me it was time I came to grips with reality. We had 4 very aggressive roosters and the 2 poor hens were getting very tired! The farm was nice enough to trade us the 3 of the roosters back for 8 wk old hens and we kept one injured rooster. Its true, browse the web for pictures of the breed and it will become very clear to you from the coloring, the comb/waddles and even the leg spur, if you have hens or roosters. Your picture sure does look like a hen from the head, but that may change as they get a little older.
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