Please tell me these are pullets!!

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I am requesting some opinions from all the "experts" out there. These are two 9-week-old Ameraucanas. Keeping my fingers crossed for pullets!! Thanks for the input.







The chick on the right I believe is a roo. The one on the left is the chick pictured above in individual pictures.


Well I don't see any saddle feathers or pointed hackle feathers at this point, so I would say they are pullets. Hackle feathers that are more rounded tend to be pullets, if they are pointed they are roos. Is the last pic different from the first one? I can't tell with that one, need a side view for that one.
I think you are on the right track. The first I would wager is a pullet, the second one (white too). I think the two in the pic together you have right. I hope it is what you wanted. They look like nice ones to me. and yes, I think they are about the hardest to sex besides the Silkies.
I know you want the experts....but I am new at this too (but I have EEs) and I agree with you. #1-pullet #2-pullet #3-roo. I hope the last one is wrong.
I never realized how hard this breed is to sex until I got some. (I think they are even more difficult to sex than EE's) Mine are 6 weeks old tomorrow and while I *think* I have pullets, I'm just not positive. One day I think I have 2 roos, the next day I think I have all pullets.

So with yours, I'm going to guess pullet, pullet, roo.

And I'll be watching this thread for everyone else's responses.
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It will be okay for the chick on the right in the last pic to be a roo, especially if everyone is correct about the sex of the others. Then I will have 4 hens and 1 roo. The first two pullets are blue, and the chicks from the last hatch (pictured) are black and white. I think a good combination. The black and white were hatched from "blue" Ameraucana eggs. I am not an expert on the genetics, but I knew there was at least a chance of black or white chicks. So I am happy with whatever.

The only problem I have is with the older two (they are five weeks older). They do not bother the younger black chicks, but they target the little white "pullet". This chick is VERY timid. In one of the pics, you can see her trying to hide in my son's pants legs. For right now, I had to separate the older two in a smaller coop inside of the bigger coop so the younger trio can adjust to being outside. My heart couldn't take seeing them pick on her!!
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Your white and black chicks are splash.

Here's the breakdown for breeding:

Black x Black = 100% Black

Black x Blue = 50% Black, 50% Blue

Blue x Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black and 25% Splash

Splash x Black = 100% Blue

Splash x Blue = 50% Splash and 50% Blue

Splash x Splash = 100% Splash
I'd have to say pullets, too. The one in the last picture that you suspect is a roo? That one's hard to tell from the photo, but I think you might be right.

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