Please tell me this isnt the sign of a Roo!


In the Brooder
Mar 17, 2015
Central Texas
So on of my Ancona chicks has a HUGE comb at just three weeks old. Is this the breed or sign of a Roo?



I was afraid of that. When we got them I was told there was. 1% chance of getting a male. Where we are we can have girls but not boys. I am kind of crushed and have no idea what to do.
I recently found out my RIR was a roo, and we are in the same situation you are with city ordinances and roosters. I have a friend who has a farm who was happy to take my little guy. It was sad to see him go, he was the sweetest of the bunch! I am glad to know he has lots of free room and other ckickens to play with now, at least. Perhaps you could find a similar situation for your guy?
Well, since you are not allowed to have a rooster you will need to make other arrangements. The good news about finding out this early is you have a bit of time to work on that.

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