Please vote for my Hen! She could be on TV! I appreciate it!


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7 Years
Jan 9, 2013
Saving Battery Hens at Happy Hen Chicken Rescue in
My Coop
My Coop
Please Please Please vote for my hen Olive! She has been entered in a contest and if she wind they will show her picture on tv! So click on the link below, then click "View Entrys" Then, find Olives entry the picture looks like this:

The name Zoe should be by it. Then click the picture then click "VOTE" , then it will have you log into Facebook so dont waste your time if you dont have an account. I had to make an account to enter, I really didn't want one. Here is the link: http://channel.nationalgeographic.c...-pets/interactives/show-us-your-spoiled-pets/
Thanks so much if you vote or try to vote
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