Please watch the video in the link to help me identify what this chicken may have

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    Sep 22, 2016
    Cough/Sneeze/ whatever it is sound can be heard at 0:45 and directly before the end of the video

    Somewhat watery eyes, may be normal but you will see in the video
    Bubbles in eyes, most common in the morning
    Makes that cough or sneeze sounds as heard in the video
    Nostrils always wet
    Poop normal
    Walk/run normal
    Eating normally

    She was very ill about 3 weeks ago but has since improved after administering tetracycline. Her symptoms at that time where as follows:
    Eyes closed
    Head sunken into body
    That cough noise or whatever it is
    Bubbles in eyes
    Nostrils wet
    At one point I also believe she had discharge from her mouth

    Link to video:

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    Her eyes look normal, and for the most part she sounds normal, except for that sneeze.
    If the medicine you're giving her is working, keep giving it to her. Keep her seperated from the others until she shows no signs of a sneeze, because respiratory diseases can be fatal.

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