Plecostrums DIY incubator journey starts TODAY 8pm UK


9 Years
May 6, 2010
Hello my name is Charlotte

I have built my coolbox incubator -
cut hole out of the front added a perspex window,
2 ceiling lamps in the lid both 40w wired to a dimmer and a danfoss water cyclinder thermostat.
I made a egg turner from a piece of plywood to fit the box a 1"x1" piece of wood screwed to the middle then from the outside screwed in 2 screws to make a seesaw. then in each corner attached a shoelace which in all corners threaded out of the top. when you pull 2 it tilts the eggs.
There is a digital thermostat which is completely unreliable lol a outdoor indoor stick on thermo/hydrom back wall. a fishtank glass therm ontop of the eggs this is what i am going on for accuracy.
The thermostat is just hanging under the lid i have set it so that it will turn off when it hits 102f but having trouble with 6 degrees it takes to cool to come back on.
I have ordered a thermometer to usb for 12hours computer monitoring for temps will install as soon as it gets here.
the base of the coolbox is where the water is and a dishcloth for humidity

I will remove the turner and have a blue plastic mesh to add to place the eggs on prior to pipping for safe hatching.

The eggs i have set are Bantam fowl - 9 white silkie and 3 black silkies

Tonight at 8pm 13th October

My lock down date is 31st October

And my DUE date is 3rd November.

I will update with pictures and more info

Had fun with candling and as soon as i can borrow a decent camera i will photograph these ones.

First mistake : the thermostat is on the outside and the hygrometer was showing as 40 but dropped to 28 so i added water now i have realised the one i have has to be inside to measure it lolol so my room is 28 the inside is now 70. argh do i need to let this evapourate or remove it i made it hard to mop up

2nd mistake: as i am using the base as a resevoir for water with a cloth i have been tilting (i have had this running a week before) so the ply wood turner has been put too low and has soaked up some water and i can see mould spores so i have to strip it down and add a plastic shelf and get a plastic egg box i think today ohh the joys when i get the temp right something else goes tits up lolol

I think a trip to wilkinsons for a cheapo picture frame for the plastic and then tesco for the 15 plastic egg box hope they have some most people use those paper ones.
You know when people say they have the worst luck every well that has got to be me!!!

IVE HAD A POWER CUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooooooooooooooooooo

Today i went out as usual about 9am did a bit of shopping daughter come home at 2.30 NO ELECTRIC !! it was back on at 3 soooo during the day could of been from 9 - 3 i have a power out!!

Sooo that has just ruined everything!!

I will carry on and just wait and see how this has effected my hatch.

I removed the ply wood it was mouldy and has started the carton holding eggs to mould too good job i spotted it. I couldnt get a picture frame with a perspex front so i had to buy a mini storage basket cut it down a little and manage to squeeze a 15 egg carton into it. they are all in again. the angle of tilt is not as good but i think it will work ok. I also added 2 of those freezer blocks (plastic with water in) i hope they will hold temp a little i see some people use rocks etc. and a little container with a sponge the humidity is low even when the tray is full guess there not much flow of air over the water so might have to fiddle with that on next time. how to people incorporate tampons to get higher humidity ??? i seen it but it didnt say how i was thinking that if they were soaked in water and let to dangle by heat infront of a fan this might be the answer lol someone else said disposable nappies lol hmmm there i was lost they are gel filled here soo dont know.

Still struggling with this temp dimmer it hasnt gone over 102.3 that being the cut out but still spikes for no reasons. I have no heat in my house except the front room these are kept in a cupboard in my kitchen so i cant work it out definate not in sunlight. I am sure its my termometer still waiting on hongkong these are pretty slow this time.

My first batch of 7 day olds were candled last night got a few blood circles around the outer edge of the veins was not sure so i didnt mess pics are on my other post.soon as i update it. had to use a camera as iphone close ups no good there no macro!

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