PLEEEZZEEE Wanted/GA Mandarin Pairs, Blue State Tom, Royal Palm Hen

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    Jun 12, 2010
    Adrian, Georgia
    I would like to find about 6 more pair of Reg Pinioned Mandarin or will take a few not pinioned, I need a blue slate tom, royal palm hen, and a standard bronze tom or a Narraganstett tom, a silkie hen for my spring rooo Fred he is so lonely, a Black Buff Orph roo, to go with my lavenders that are in the incubator, a Bantam Crele Roo for my 2 lonely hens. would be willing to purchase or swap for a pair of grey calls or a trio of Red Crested Poucards on the turkeys or Mandarin, I also have 2 wild domestic spring hogs we have fed and fattened out and ready for the butcher, they weigh, I guess about 300 plus, will be willing to swap a hog if someone has all or some of the critters I need, they have been fed corn and slops, no steriod feed or antiobiotic feeds. I have a pile of stuff for sale on my website under tab SPECIAL SALE at

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