Plinky recovering! Fingers crossed.

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    Mar 9, 2016
    I posted several times recently about our 6 month old Brahma that was wasting away. Well, after about a week of special care I am happy to report that she is looking pretty good.
    Her weight last Wed. at the Vet's was just 3.7 lbs (should be 6 or 7!). I am going to take her in tomorrow morning to be weighed on the same scale, but just picking her up I can now feel some "meat" on her breast and legs! Her tail feathers are upright, her head is up she actually walked up the coop ramp. Poop looks good too.
    Here's what I did:
    Separated her and kept her in a wire pen in the garage during the day (wasn't too hot) and in a 2' x 5' cardboard box in the basement at night.
    Gave her water, water with vinegar, water with sav a chick eletrolytes and probiotics. Gave her for the first couple of days natural full fat yogurt with a teaspoon of molasses and a tablespoonful of olive oil. She pooped a lot. Then I started adding chick crumble and some electrolyte water to make a "gruel". After another couple of days I started adding a half teaspoon of chick grit once a day (thinking perhaps it would help grind up some stuff blocked in the gizzard. Finally for the past three days I have added a finely minced garlic clove once a day.
    I had some concerns about reintegrating her with the other three chickens so I carried her out to their run and fed her her "gruel" there and let her walk around outside. This was after about three days inside. I then moved her wire pen outside next to the run and kept her in there during the day. Then, finally a couple of days ago I put her back in the coop with a helper in case there was drama.
    It was like she had never gone. No problems.
    So whatever caused the crisis seems to be resolved. I am still giving her yogurt with crumble in the evenings on her own. I think I'm going to give a variation of this once a week to all the hens- I think the garlic and molasses are good things.
    She does however continue with some strange behaviors like pecking at her dish randomly before she hits the food. Almost as is she can't see. But she doesn't do this all the time, so...??? She is a "different" bird but I had chalked that up to being the only Brahma.
    Monitoring and keeping my fingers crossed!
    Thanks to those who replied with support or ideas.
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    May 9, 2016
    North East Kansas
    Glad to see your pullet recovered well!! [​IMG] I have a EE pullet named Babs, that has the same issue with a bad aim. She is at the bottom of the pecking order I think due to this issue. But she is smart and stays out of the way and gets her fill of food and treats once every one is done with their fill. But I always ensure to throw treats her direction so she can get in on the action.[​IMG]

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