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  1. Got some pea eggs, and put them under my broody chicken hens. On Day 26 the first pea hatched (early?). Mama got off nest (box about 1 foot off ground) to get a drink of water, or whatever, when this first baby was 4-5 hours old. Baby pea followed her, only to get abandoned when mama chicken flew back to her nest to sit on the remaining eggs. I found the baby outside in the sun (still looking healthy) and put it back under mama hen.

    Tonite, the baby has vanished. No signs of trauma or if other chickens may have eaten the baby. Nothing.

    I've wanted to start with peas, didn't want to get adult birds because I didn't have the pens for them to imprint on the location and stay home. Planned to have these peas be free range. Figured a mama hen could do the job ok, in the absence of a mama pea.

    Was it a bad idea to nest pea eggs under a chicken?

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    If more hatch, make a safe pen around the nest so the babies aren't hurt and move the nest to the ground were the tiny babies can get in/out of it. Some hens are just plain bad moms and shouldn't hatch chicks, this may be the case for your hen. Other mom hens are more open to odd babies and will hatch anything.

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