Plucked butted hens

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11 Years
Oct 13, 2008
Leicester, NC
We have one rooster, Cecil, who is a silkie. We have seven large hens and three silkie hens. We knew Cecil did not stand a chance with the big girls, and he slides right off their back. We got him to keep the cat out of the hen house where he liked to sleep in the nesting boxes. He did no harm, just wanted to be there. They did not like it one bit.

Anyway, Cecil cannot mate with the big hens, which is fine with us. I think maybe it is not fine with Cecil though. He has plucked the feathers off each of their rear ends. They do not seem to be in any discomfort, but would if they ever caught a glimpse of themselves in the mirror!

Is there anything I can put on them to keep Cecil from doing this?

Thanks ahead of time.


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