Plucking Birds with wax.

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    Jul 10, 2010
    I was reading some older threads about dry plucking, scalding and wax plucking. I didn't see the exact way we did it back in the day posted. So here goes. Back in the mid 80's I worked at a large private duck marsh guiding duck hunters. The club was very exclusive and the members would never think about cleaning their own ducks and geese at the end of the hunt. So I got to clean quite a few waterfowl. This is how we did it and it was not hard at all. We had a large metal pot that was full of melted duxwax. We kept that on the gas stove in the picking shed and kept it just hot enough to keep all the wax melted. Had another tub close by filled with very cold water. Grab a dry duck by the feet and dip it in the hot wax, hold it there until the whitish wax coating that formed on the duck melts. Lift the duck out of the wax, let it drip, then drop it in the cold water. When the wax hardens, peel it off. The wax would often come of in 2 pieces on small ducks like teal. This even works on birds as big as the canada geese. Pin feathers were removed with pliers for the big ones or pinch the small ones between your thumb and a dull pocket knife blade and pull. As I recall, small ducks took less than 5 minutes, big ducks up to 10 minutes and geese were 15 to 20 minutes from start to freezer wrap. This is the funny part. The club members, who were all multi-millionaires, would practically fight over the wax soaked feathers. Seems like they make one of the best fire starters in the world.
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    Never heard of that. What a great story.

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    Very interesting, I too worked at a large, private, quite exclusive game reserve here in Northern Wisconsin. It is 6000 acres, all fenced, having Elk, Buffalo, Whitetails, (In the past, Fallow deer). They used to have many Pheasant and Duck hunts( Sometime we did up to 150 ducks) But 100 ducks per nite was quite common. We used a large commercial plucker with the long, rubber fingers, We ALWAYS plucked them DRY. Aproximately 1 minute per bird. The only birds that had the pinfeathers were the early birds. after a while, they all feathered out nicely, On wild ducks that have pinfeathers, I too will wax them but only after plucking them first!! Last fall my cousin and I plucked and gutted, ready for bagging, 19 ducks in 30 minutes (most of the ducks were the smaller Bufflehead or Butterballs) We plucked them with a small plucker powered by a drill motor. Thank You, ROD

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