Plucking fingers per sq"


12 Years
May 29, 2007
Chicken Country, U S A
I need to start my plucker.
I found my source of fingers.
Its going to be powered by an electric(not battery) drill motor.
My plucker is going to be loosely based on those bright red/white table-top pluckers, you know . . .

The plucking drum will be 1.5" or 2" pvc, with an axle and bearings on either end, set in a wooden box with the drill outside..

Is there a formula for rubber fingers per square inch or something?
I plan on the plucking drum being 12" long.

I need to know whether to get 10 or 25 rubber fingers.

Big George

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10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
I put 25 on a 6 inch pvc drum that is about 12 inches high. I think I got them from McMurray. I run it on my drill press and it works great. More fingers means you can run the bird up and down a little to cover all the surfaces. Good luck

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