Plucking old hen until bleeding


Feb 10, 2018
Western Australia
our old RIR has been malting recently and one of our younger chickens, (only one that we have seen) has been attacking her and plucking out her new feathers. We are wondering if we can put antiseptic on her wounds and if we can prevent the attacks any way other than separation, as she is old and has never been separated before.
If she is getting picked to the point of blood, yes separate her from the others. There are anti pick lotions made to discourage picking, sometimes those work. But you would not apply this to broken skin or injuries. Use a healing antibacterial cream until healed.
If you have only one aggresive bird you could also put a pair of blinders on her for a while.
I purchased 24 blinders and the tool to put them on very cheeply from amazon. I had a feather picker and after she wore them for a month, i took them off her and no more picking.


Feb 12, 2015
North Florida
A couple of thoughts, I would give the old girl a good exam to make sure there is nothing going on with her health wise. A sick or weak bird can attract attacks or picking, and they are much better at recognizing weakness in each other than we are. If she's healthy, then I would personally consider separating the bully instead of separating her (assuming it is only one bird that is picking on her). Here is an article on addressing some of the more common bullying issues.
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