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  1. Hands

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  2. Tub style machine

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  3. Table top style machine

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  4. Drill attachment

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  5. Other (please post what you use)

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  1. CharterChick

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    Jul 21, 2014
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    Besides your hands, what tools out there can be used to aid in plucking. I suck at it! [​IMG] I love the idea of a tub style plucking machine but I don't have time to build one or spend over $1000 to buy one! [​IMG] I plan on raising meat birds in the spring so and I occasionally acquire roosters from town but I have plenty of time still if I did need to build something.

    What do you use to pluck?
    Have you learned any cool tricks to assist in the process?
    If you have a machine did you build it?
    If not what kind is it? (Tub, table top, drill)
    Are there any machines on the low side of the price range that are good?

    [​IMG] ANY input would be much appreciated! Thank you! [​IMG]
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