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    May 4, 2008

    I have been eagerly reading all the threads here and wanted to ask about the plucking part? It seems that most scald or use hot water? I have always hand plucked dry within a few minutes of slaughtering and wanted to know more about the whys and wherefors of using water, does it make it easier, why is the water so hot, is it just water? How is it done? Is it used because the birds are left to bleed and so get cooler and the feathers harder to remove?

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    * Scalding loosens the feathers and removes dirt and oils making them easier to grasp. I'm pretty sure you bleed the chickens/turkeys first. My mom used to tell me that they did the same thing with pigs when she was a kid in Kentucky to help ease scraping the hair off em before roasting. The dipping into the scalding pot is only a few seconds worth for chickens, I think; 1O-15 max., if I remember. Not sure if it's any longer for turkeys or not.
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    I shot a wild turkey once and after cutting the head off tied a rope to foot and hung over clothesline put boiled water under it lowered it down into water a few minutes then pulled rope up and tied it then easily plucked. reason for rope is water is so hot. I dont know if its easier because I never plucked one without being scalded.

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