plucking without auto plucker

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    ok i have a rooster that got mean in the winter so i pinned him up thinking when it warmed up he would just go out and free range like the rest so its been warm for the past couple days and i let him out and he is meaner then ever fighting hens and roosters alike 1 grabbed his comb and rold on the ground rly tore him up and he got up and rushed the rooster that was satisfied with just fighting to establish pecking order who was walking away and ended up losing again well i finally figured hes not gonna be happy till hes dead so i need to figure out how to pluck his feathers i do not have an automatic plucker and he is just a banty i wish it didnt come to this cuz he is my faverite looking roo but he isnt much good for breeding if he is even trying to kill the hens
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    dunk him in water that's about 150 degrees or so then the feathers will lossen up so that you can pull them out by hand. if you google chicken processing or go on You Tube under chicken processing you will find some good instruction there. You can also search this site for forums discussing chicken processing and find some very good instruction.
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    Definately scald him in hot water and just a little tip with that, add some Dawn soap. It get the water through the oil on their feathers.
    If the scald is good the feathers will just pop off as you rub them with your hand. Pull the tail and wing feathers first.
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    I you get yourself some gloves with the knobby rubber on the palm part that will make plucking alot easier. All you will have to do is pet like you would a cat. Got this one from Backyark Chickens Mag.

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