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    Hi all, I posted a few days ago about a hen of ours that got roughed up by one of our dogs. Amongst other moderate injuries, her right eye was swollen shut, her face visibly swollen on the right side and her beak was hanging open a bit. Her right ear had been bleeding, but seemed to have stopped.

    After a few days she hadn't seemed to make much progress in healing, she couldn't eat or drink water with out some assistance and she couldn't walk with out stumbling.

    I got up in her face to check her out, trying to figure out what was going on, and it occurred to me that her ear may have been totally plugged with a big blood scab, not allowing for any additional blood/ooze to drain and causing the swelling in her face and loss of balance/equilibrium.

    I put a warm, wet washcloth on the scab on her ear and scraped it off (which she was not happy about). Sure enough, it started draining a little and by the end of the day the swelling in her face had gone down significantly, her mouth was closing and her eye was opening.

    Since then she's made a miraculous recovery, eating like a horse and drinking plenty of water.

    We thought we were going to lose her, but it looks as though she'll rejoin the flock in a few days.

    Just wanted to post, in case anyone ever had a similar issue.

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    let us know how she does [​IMG]

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