Plymouth Rock, Australorp, Sussex or Chantecler?

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    Here's the scoop:
    My coop can only hold 15 birds. I have 12 now, but will be getting rid of a few that are either not laying or very low producers.
    A friend of mine is placing an order from McMurray's tomorrow, and I have to decide if I want to go in with her and order too.
    I want to have eggs to sell, so whatever breed I get has to be a high end producer, but also has to be cold hardy, and not a big pig when it comes to feed comsumption (the Delawares I had were like that), and they need to have good temperament.

    At the moment McMurrays' Sussex are sold out, and they don't sell Chanteclers. So I have to decide:
    Plymouth Rock or Black Australorp? Or just don't do the order tomorrow?

    Personal preference has me leaning toward the Rocks... The Aussies I've had weren't very friendly, rather standoffish, while the Rocks I've had have been super sweet and love people. I've never had Sussex or Chanteclers.

    Input? Opinions?
  2. Aussies, i had an aussie, she was skittish but sweet when you picked her up. It could be hatchery Aussies that are mean (we had a feed store) and they can get overweight, but are good foragers and it makes it not fat. My sister would say rocks (she loves barred) but I havent really liked them. Aussies are good producers and worth it

    have you considered orpingtons? those would be GREAT

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