Plymouth rock question


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
west central, MO
I was wondering if all the different color varieties have the same personality. I have hear raves about the Barred Rocks, just wondering if the same is true for all the other varieties.

Thanks, that was kind of what I was thinking, as different birds would have been used to get the different colors. I was just somewhat hopeful that maybe, just maybe they were the same, I like a few of the other colors, but I guess I'll stick with the BR's.

I have a partridge rooster who very much has the Plymouth Rock personality (for a rooster). He is very calm and sweet natured, though I have not tamed him in any way. He is a great rooster! My partridge hens however seem much more dominant and aggressive than my buff or barred. My buff were much more submissive and so got a little more rooster action than I would like, while the partridge did not at all.
So my limited experience jives with your thoughts- that they are all different. I have heard from others that the buffs are sweet as well so maybe that isnt just in my flock.
There is as much variation between strains as there is types or breeds. This is a conversation that should have with a breeder you are considering purchasing from. They know THEIR birds.
I have barreds, blues, a black and a very young splash. I find the barreds and BBS seem similar in personality/temperament, at least in the lines that I have. Have never had a partridge, white. buff or silver penciled Rock.

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