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Apr 6, 2013
i was wondering if there was any way of tell the sex of my plymouth rock chicks at a day old or so by their appearance. i have been told that if they have a neat dot on their head means they are pullets and if it has alot of white means its a rooster please help me
For most folks, the dot sexing is so rough, so inaccurate that it doesn't help THAT much. If you're only going to be right 60% of the time, it doesn't really help you that much. Hope that makes sense.

When you can sex Barred Rocks is at 6 weeks. Then, you're accuracy will be 95% which is really helpful.
You've got to feed them, care for them, water them, and keep them clean and warm anyhow right now. At six weeks, I'd be glad to sex them for you. Give me a shout, through private message, or just post on them and I'll find them.

From one Rock Head to another.


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