Plymouth White Rock Roos Free to a good home NE PA


5 Years
Apr 27, 2014
Hello there, my name is Katie. My family and I started off with six 5 week old peepers in hopes that we would have a nice little flock for fresh eggs. Unfortunately only one of the bunch turned out to be a hen. Therefore we have a few roos in need of relocation.Right now I have 3 plymouth white rock roos (about 24-30 weeks of age) that I am willing to giveaway to a nice home. I am located in the NE Pennsylvania region. They are free to a good home if you come and take them off our hands.
If I don't find homes for these boys soon they will be taking an unfortunate trip to freezer-town. I need to make room for a new group of young pullets and hens I have acquired.

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