PLZ CLOSE ON HOLD BUTTERCUP chick or Black Australorp Chick Middle TN


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
HAVE A PERSON WANTING TO LOOK AT THE CHICKS SO THEY ARE ON HOLD 1 little Buttercup chick hatched this past weekend.Have no idea as to the sex so "she's" selling straight run.OR her hatching mates Black Australorp(non Hatchery stock) also un-sexed.This is the only Buttercup I have so buyer can't get extras on this one!If buyer wants the Australorp you will be given the option of the just one chick or all 4 Sorry about the bad picture of them-had to remove them from their home since the box is full of black chicks and they were scared in the big World


I wont ship but will meet within reason for enough chicks or chickens.I will only accept pay pal if you can arrange a ride to your area from someone else and not picking them up your selfLZ
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