Pneumonia! Twice!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by rebecca100, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Today i finally took my last antibiotic for the second time. Two and a half weeks ago i was diagnosed with pneumonia. I took the antibiotics for seven days and got a shot. Three days after I finished them I woke up with a horrible sinus infection. The whole left side of my head hurt and My nose was pouring and when I blew it, old blood came out. i was also running a low fever. Three days after that I could hardly even get out of bed with a fever of almost 104. My sinuses felt fine though. My dh took off work to drag me to the doctor. They did all kinds of blood tests, said my white blood cells were way to high and my pulse was way to fast(almost 140). Finally they did an x-ray and found that the side that the pneumonia had been on was clear, but that I had developed it in the other lung. AND I had a sinus infection on top of that! Sheesh. I was on out patient for 3 days with the threat that if I didn't start getting better that I was going immediately to the hospital. I also got 2 shots in the rear end and another 7 days of antibiotics. And I'm only 27! I have another appt. on Friday for another blood test and x-ray. After that they want to check my heart because my pulse stays way too high. I remember now why I avoided them!!
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    I hope you recover fast, this has been a hard year for our BYC members! And it's just begun!
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    You might look into ways to bolster your immune system. Once you have pneumonia, you are more prone to get it again. A good, healthy immune system can mean the difference in repeated illness and high medical costs or being illness free. I used to get repeated resp. infections, sinus infections, etc. A few simple steps changed my health and my life and I haven't had to take an antibiotic for about 10-12 years now. Good health is priceless!
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    Please take this seriously. My wife almost died with pneumonia when she was 29. She had our 2nd son and developed pneumonia from a staph infection. She went into respratory failure 3 days after our son was born. She went from fine to almost dead in a few hours. 5 days in intensive care and many many rounds of iv antibiotics cleared this up. She news gets a pheumonia shot each year and still can't stand to be in very cold air for any length of time. Her lungs are scarred for life. You would be amazed to see her lung x-rays even now after 5 years.

    It was a horrible time in our lives. Pneumonia is not something to mess with. I wish you luck and a speedy recovery.

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    Quote:Girl I am feeling your pain!!! Three weeks here and two rounds of antibiotics and I am still hacking up my lungs. I hope you get better soon, and if you do, tell me the secret!
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    A friend of mine has battled bronchitis and pneumonia for 4 months now... she's had pneumonia three times, been on numerous rounds of antibiotics, and during the power outage & ice storm used a kerosene heater to keep from freezing to death and that set her off again... [​IMG] she's feeling better now, and hoping there are no more power outages. [​IMG]
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    That may be what got me started again. I never knew you could get pneumonia repeatedly. At least I'm not an immuneless freak. I have started taking colloidial silver and it seems to be helping. I'll find out when I go back to the doctor Friday. I'm still hacking up stuff though. I can't stand to be inside and I know that doesn't help.

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