Oct 28, 2021
So, I have a 9 year old hen named Ballina. She's a great hen, one of the first we've ever gotten. I love her but today (October 28th) we found her sitting in the middle of the yard. You can hear her breathing, but her lungs are clearly filled with something. We took her inside our house and I have her wrapped in a towel and a heated blanket. I've been dribbling some water onto her beak and she's been drinking some of it. But she's clearly not going to last long. I've called up a vet near us and have a appointment set for 9 AM tomorrow (October 9th) to euthanize her if she's still alive by then. I know she's not going to live. She's an old bird and has had some trouble with walking and everything. I just want to know how I can best make her comfortable until her time comes.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Sorry about your older hen. She could have a crop disorder that is making her gurgle, or she might have a respiratory disease. Heart failure might also cause gurgling. I would feel of her crop in her right chest to see if it is full and puffy like a balloon. Then feel again in early morning before she eats or drinks, to see if it has emptied. Most of my hens have died by 9 or so, and reproductive disorders, crop disorders, or cancer have killed most of them. I would keep her warm and comfortable in a quiet place for the night. I hope that your vet can help her, but it may be her time to go.

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