PO forgot to call that my chicks were in!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by AussieSharon, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Got a call from the PO about an hour ago asking when I was coming to pick up my chicks. They had been cheeping like crazy all day and really needed to be picked up Oh and they close at 4.30pm

    I told the lady that this was the first call I'd had that the chicks were in. That I had been expecting chicks today, had been up since 5.30am and even called the hatchery to find out when they shipped. She said that would explain why the other order of chicks ( several HUNDRED) were still sitting in the PO too!

    I rushed on over and thankfully all 26 chicks were just fine. Thank goodness I was home at 3.30pm and able to get to the PO. I would HATE to think what would have happened if she hadn't been able to get hold of me so late in the day.
  2. Imagine that...the post office messing up a delivery....NO WAY!!! hehehehe [​IMG]

    glad you got them before they closed!
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  3. asher

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Mountains of NC
    Guessing someone thought someone else did it. *sigh*

    Glad they made it okay! Even with mine, I call the morning I am hoping they'll come to see if they're there. It bugs them, but OH WELL! ;-)
  4. Wildsky

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    Oct 13, 2007
    [​IMG] that stinks.

    My post office called at 7:30 this morning, said "we have a box of chicks, we don't open till 8:30 - but come on down anyway"

    I was there in 5 minutes - slippers and all! [​IMG]
  5. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
    asher I almost did that but instead called the hatchery who said if I didn't have them today then it should be tomorrow. I asked my mail man when he delivered today and he said he saw chicks but they were for the feed store.

    Seems it was a case of someone thought someone else did it. The lady who gave me the chicks is the same lady I see all the time and had called me for the past 2 pick ups. She said she was surprised the chicks were still there because I was usually on their doorstep when someone called... I smiled and told her "someone did just call, 9 hours later"

    I'm just happy the chicks are all ok.
  6. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Quote:Glad you got your chicks ok. I was at my PO in 20 minutes ( it's not close to my house ) and I am sure I looked a site, I was outside painting when they called. I dropped the brush and jumped straight in the truck.
  7. Farmer Kitty

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    Sep 18, 2007
    Maybe next time they will double check if the calls were made! That place must have been noisy! [​IMG]

    Glad your are okay.
  8. mommy9994

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    Mar 10, 2008
    central VA
    mine called at 6 am today. I go to the back entrance, and the lady meets me there. She said there were LOTS of chicks come in this morning
  9. lovemychicks9

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    Apr 29, 2008
    South Carolina
    Mine did the same thing too!!!! My chickies sat in the post office for 7 hours before some one called to see if someone had "called". I called at 7:00 am and asked if they were in and was told " Nope we don't see any chicks today. Poor babies looked pretty worse for wear by the time I got them home. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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