Pogo - one legged black Jersey Giant - St. Louis, MO

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  1. JackieK318

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Per the vet's instructions, Pogo should be in a pen for her safety from predators. I am looking to find a home where Pogo can happily live out his/her days in a fenced in chicken yard. I could build a pen, but it may not be as large as a pen you all may have.

    I sexed her as a her, but her comb is looking a little pink these days. She is only four weeks old. She is a black Jersey Giant.

    I would prefer that she go to a home to live out her days and never meet a stew pot. I spent $35+ on her surgery and I would hate to see her on a table after all the vets did to save her. Please let me know if you could be this happy home for Pogo.

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