Point of a Welbar?

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    I have been researching Welsummers and consequently Welbars for my future dream farm and had a question.

    It is my understanding that Welsummers can already be accurately sexed 90+% of the time at hatch. Why all the effort to create a Welbar? Is it just for the 100% auto-sexing or were there other improvements that were attempted with the cross?
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    Thanks for the historical info link. It still left me a little confused because it spoke of making them a utility breed, but Welsummers are already a utility breed. So I guess it came down to making them commercially viable?

    Does anyone with Welbars prefer them over the Welsummers?
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    I re-created Welbars from my Welsummers and i do prefer them because of the autosexing. I used to sell welsummer chicks and I could sex most of them, but with every hatch there were some ambiguous ones that I was loathe to cull as cockerels because the pullet have value, so I would raise them and cull the cockerels at about a month of age. That was a money losing proposition for me, and being able to 100% sex the chicks is huge.

    Then there is the "new and rare" factor. Right now I'm getting high prices for Welbar chicks. Even the cockerels are very valuable, whereas Welsummer cockerel chicks are nothing special.

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