Point of no return with Coccidiosis??


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Sep 18, 2019
Hello everyone!
I’m a novice at raising chickens. I’ve been reading everything I can lay eyes on but it’s slow going and there are SO MANY things that can/do happen. I think my 10-12 week old pullets have come down with Coccidiosis. One is wobbly and unsteady but still alert and eating and drinking. I treated their water over my lunch break and made sure they got several ml of the medicated water. Now it’s just a waiting game.
My question is....is there a point of no return with this?
there is a dosage that is higher for sever cases, you treat 5-7 days with corid then lower the dose to preventative for another 5-7 days. The Pullets I got got it bad one was laying down and not eating so we did for sever and by end of day 5 she was up and acting like a normal pullet, I'm on day 8 i think so on the preventative to make sure we got it all
Thank you! They’re all still eating and drinking. I gave them the medicated water over my lunch break a few hours ago. the one that is wobbly drank quite a bit out of a dropper willingly, but she was starting to lay down a bit. When I get home I’m going to try giving her the straight dosage to see if it will help her more since she seems to be a little worse off than the others. THANK YOU!

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