Poire Voire Poulet Palais (Pear View Chicken Palace)

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    Feb 19, 2016
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    My husband's second ex-wife, "P", spent most of yesterday helping me clean out/up the long-disused large chicken coop and run that has been on this property before I moved in. It was really quite filthy - and little fun cleaning out years-old chicken poop and stuck feathers. But we did it! Please understand that she is 63 years old (and terminally ill) and I am just about 55 and physically handicapped (broken spine). But WE DID IT TOGETHER - ON OUR OWN!! We even took down the nesting boxes, and reset them in a better formation along the wall. (better for chickens) We also did a total assessment of what needs to be repaired - and how - and what ought to be 'beefed up a bit' for security. Also, we've decided how to make the stones used as steps up into it safer… and what we wanna do to set a hand railing into the ground on one side of those stairs. She believes I ought to run another light into the other side of the coop from the one set into the ceiling already - this new one in the supply area. Peg has had chickens over the years (and her mother had them when P was growing up), so she has a lot of knowledge. She says that my existing run is plenty big enough for the six hens I want and the rooster I just bought. So I need not bother to build a bigger run in the side yard, like I'd been thinking to do. Maybe later on, depending on how much I enlarge my flock...

    I haven't felt this good a sense of accomplishment in many years! I don't use screw guns and staple guns and power tools; I always leave that to hubby. P doesn't wait for a man to do things for her (since she hasn't got a steady one and hasn't for many years). She's teaching me that I, too, need not wait for one to do things for me. I didn't know I could use power tools without cutting off an appendage or drilling through an organ. rotfl I sure learned how to yesterday!

    As a joke, after we finished, and it was pretty well cleaned up, before we called my hubby out to see our day's worth of handiwork, we went down into the basement and dragged up my mother's old formal dining room Shonbek chandelier and hung it from the feeder and waterer hooks in the rafters. THEN we got hubby to come out to "see how well we cleaned up". lol He came out, looked around at eye level and lower, and proclaimed it "very well done". Standing right underneath the darn Swarovski crystal prisms and not noticing them. lol Finally, his eyes travel upwards… and he sees Mother's chandelier. He doubled over laughing, and with a straight face, he asked me, "DeGaulle demands your mother's crystal chandelier?! She's rolling over in her grave, Sess!! What about her hanging Tiffany lamp? He doesn't like red-and-white Tiffany glass?" (My mother had the Tiffany - a real one from her mother - hanging over the kitchen table, while I grew up. The Shonbek hung over our formal dining room table. I received both when they sold the house I grew up in 15 years ago and they were in use in my old large 1941 house that we owned. I moved (downsized by about 50% into a small rental house) 8 months ago, and have not yet decided if I want to bother hanging either here - this being a rental house - or just leave them in storage for a while.)

    I need to make a number of repairs, which I'll enumerate later. Gotta run, right now - take hubby to physical therapy.
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    That sounds fantastic! I love the bit about the chandelier! You should post pics when everything is complete.

    Congrats on the project!

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