Poisoning by Tansy ragwort weed.

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    May 7, 2009
    I have a hen that took sick and I separated her from the flock. I di not know what was going on with her until I found an almost totally eaten plant at the corner of the house. The weather has been crazy this year and this was buried under leaves, but still producing shoots. I took some of the shoots to my garden center and we found out that it is tansy ragwort. From what I have read about this plant, the outcome does not look good.
    The hen is laying down and has one leg stretched behind her and the other leg is tucked up tight with her foot curled up. I have been feeding her a gruel of soaked Poulin, calf manna and plain yogurt, which she is eating and I have been giving her water with a pipette. In between her eating I have been giving her colloidal silver, which seems to be helping her, even though this is not an infection, etc.
    When I first noticed the plant being eaten I also gave her some charcoal in the hopes that it might remove some of the toxins out of her system.
    Is anyone familiar with this weed?? I had checked the yard for anything that was considered no good for them, but did not realize this inconspicous yellow flowered plant was so bad!
    Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Wish i had an answer.......... i know there is a molasses flush that you can use on them.... do a search on here for poisoning or molasses flush.... hope she makes it.
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    May 19, 2008
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    here is a helpful link to keep handy for all toxic plants

    More info on tansy ragwort toxicity

    I wish I had the cure, the plant is in the scenecio species and in that first link all senecio species have the same toxicity.

    Major toxicity: Ingestions of these plants, especially in large amounts, are expected to cause serious effects to major body organs such as the liver, heart or kidneys. If ingested, call the poison center immediately for more advice.
    I hope someone with more knowledge has some sort of treatment you can administor I just am not sure [​IMG] I truely hope she pulls thru for you [​IMG]
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    Aug 8, 2008
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    Tansy ragwort is a common poisoning problem with mammal type livestock- I haven't heard of it in chickens, but anything is possible. The plant looks very similar to many other weeds- do you know for sure what it is? The garden center was certain? Acute intoxication (eating a whole bunch) causes death in horses/cattle by acute liver failure, chronic ingestion kills them months later- also by liver failure. The plant does not taste good, and is usually avoided fresh (horses & cattle usually get it by accident in dried feed). I am not sure a chicken would want to eat this- they are usually pretty picky, as long as they are not starving. IF this is tansy poisoning, and the bird is exhibiting symptoms from it- it is too late- she will not recover. Do get rid of the plant though- if it is Tansy- it is really invasive and bad news to anyone nearby with horses/cattle/pigs/goats ect. This may be something else- trauma and broken pelvis/leg, some other toxin, or possibly Marek's disease. The one leg backwards is a classic Marek's presentation.

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    Do you think she might eat some diced tomato? Tomatoes are good for all kinds of upsets related to alkaloids and will break down fibre to get it through the system faster. I know she has exposed herself to a dreadful poison, how is she doing?

    mypicklebird- when I heard about the leg position I thought the same thing. Oh my this birdlet is struggling.
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    May 7, 2009
    Thank you all for the replies.
    I saved the toxic plant link for future reference. I checked out everthing I could find regarding Mareks and the leg presentation is the only symptom showing, if it is that. I hope not. I will be disinfecting the coop again with Oxine!!
    No one else is showing any signs of Mareks. I have a total of 15 hens and 2 roosters. I also do definitely recall her being at the corner of the house and getting "into something". That plant will be disposed of and also the other two large ones that I found, ASAP. I will also go on a search and destroy mission looking for any more of these plants hiding in the yard.
    I gave her some milk thistle powder mixed in water tonight. Figured it couldn't hurt.
    I will just keep her comfortable and warm and watch her closely, with much love and attention ( my sweet comet), and hope for the best.
  7. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    I gave her some milk thistle powder mixed in water tonight

    >Stop the colloidal silver [​IMG]
    If she is able to eat then keep giving her her normal feed (you can mix in some cooked human oatmeal > cooked in water not milk< ) keep in a tempstable warm area.​
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  8. lastcopy

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    May 7, 2009

    My beautiful little comet died peacefully in her sleep this morning. I went outside to check the area around the toxic plant (tansy ragwort) and I stiil found pieces of shredded leaves and small leaves from this plant that she had apparently pulled off while eating it. This plant is not related to regular tansy from what I have read.
    Still.............very nasty weed to have to deal with and learn the hard way. She will be greatly missed! [​IMG]
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    May 26, 2009
    Western MA

    So sorry she didn't make it!

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