Poisonous Plants

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    i was planning to let my 3 chicks free-range in the backyard when i'm home, but just read the list of poisonous plants. i have oleanders all along my fence line and the major area of shade is under a massive loquat tree. both of these plants are on the poisonous list on BYC. say it ain't true! somebody tell me i don't have to cut down everything in my backyard![​IMG]
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    Apr 3, 2009
    Douglas, AK
    [​IMG] from AK!

    I woudn't worry about it too much. If you look on the list there is also fireweed, horsetails, foxglove, buttercup etc. I have all of it in my garden. The girls are out most of the day and everyone is fine. When I read that list I freaked out too; I don't have room for a big run and was worried that I'd have to leave them locked up all the time. I did pull the lily of the valley out! [​IMG]
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    Mine feed in the woods behind my house and never have a problem. I guess its another thing they know better than us.

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