Poisonous plants.


7 Years
May 20, 2012
Do chickens know what plants and flowers are poisonous?. I let them run my backyard once in a while and I have no clue as to what I have that may hurt them. I know wildlife just knows not sure about chickens.
Thank you an have a great day.
So long as they are not starving it has been my experience that chickens will not eat any plant that would be toxic to them. Keeping in mind that chickens are avians so can eat something that we primates should not (and vice versa). Generally speaking poisonous plants also taste bad so if not forced to it by hunger they won't eat more than an initial taste of any plant that could hurt them.

Now other kinds of toxins are a different matter. Obviously don't spray pesticides where they might get into (the label will have information on this), keep them away from grain or feed that has gone moldy or rotten, and that sort of thing.
I agree with Hagan, dont spray chemicals on your lawn and they should be fine for the most part. I have let my flock range from a very young age and they seem to avoid the toxic plants. They definitely developed a taste for their favorites and will seek them out over other edible but less palatable choices.
I let my chickens and turkeys free range. I probably have every plant that's poisonous to chickens that is on the list growing back there. Ive found that chickens and the turkeys will nibble at everything, but they will not eat the toxic plants. They'll try it, say yuck! and move on to something that tastes good.
I, too, let my girls roam about all day and I was worried when they started eating the rhubarb leaves! They haven't keeled over yet but they've only been eating them a couple of days.

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