POL pet / laying hens wanted in NoVA

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    My husband and I have 5 backyard hens as pets and layers at our Northern Virginia home, and my youngest sister has decided she wants a couple of her own. After finally getting my mother to agree, I've found that the places we've gotten ours (mypetchicken.com and a local farm) are completely out for the year! Does anyone have any point-of-lay or young laying hens that would be good pets available?

    Breeds we're interested in (but not necessarily limited to):

    Easter Egger
    Plymouth Rock

    I'm worried that if we don't find chickens for her soon my mom will change her mind. The hens need to be handleable, friendly, docile, and reasonably cold-hardy. Decent egg production and lack of broodiness are plusses. The hens will live in a coop with attached run when no one is home and will have free range of 3/4 of an acre lawn with a 6' tall privacy fence and the company / protection of two dogs who are small animal-friendly as well as my teenaged sister, young adult brother, and parents as caregivers. We are willing to drive an hour or so outside of the Northern Virginia region, and also make rather frequent trips to Page County/ Shenandoah.

    Side note: My husband and I would also like to get 2-3 bantam hens to add to our flock. They need to be POL or young laying hens so that when we eventually introduce them to our 2 EEs, SLW, Delaware, and BO hens, they will have the confidence to hold their own.

    Bantam breeds we'd be interested in:

    Mille Fleur

    Also need to be friendly- our hens are pets first!
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