Polish and Crested breeds

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    Didn’t know where I should post this, but it does have to do with breeds so I thought I’d try here. So I’m probably moving out of state and need to sell my chickens, I need to have some idea what to charge per chicken/per breed. So if anyone has these breeds can they tell me what they paid for them or sell them for, thanks. Also I live in Michigan if that makes a difference at all.

    These are 5 weeks old but may keep these until they are a little older

    Polish and Crested breeds:
    Gold laced-good crest
    Silver laced-good crest
    Buff laced-good crest
    White crested black-great crest
    Mottled houdan-great crest
    Crevecoeur-poor crest
    White sultan-good crest
    Buff-poor quality
    Black-poor quality
    Blue?-poor quaility
    Black mottled

    Hens at point of lay:
    White egg laying types
    Brown egg laying types
    Tinted egg laying type (EE)

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