Polish breeders, where are you?


12 Years
Aug 26, 2007
North Carolina
Hello all, I am looking for a few different colors for a project I'm going to start working on. I need splash, red (I can't seem to find these
), and gold-laced or buff-laced. They need to be GOOD quality birds, I'll be looking at getting them within the next couple of months. I mainly just want to locate breeders who have them. Thanks everyone!!
I'll subscribe to this thread because I'm trying to make Polish EEs that lay blue eggs. Could take me years.

I'm looking at using BBL and WCBlues.
I have WCB, golden laced and buff laced. However I'm a long ways from either of you. I would just contact any of the FFA and 4H groups and see if anyone raises those breeds. Good luck.
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I've got WC BBS and WC BDK in combos of solid, cuckoo and frizzle. See my page for pics of my birds. They're not laying real well right now tho (molting, days getting shorter, etc...), so I don't know if you want to try going the egg route at this time of year? If interested, PM me.

ETA: Sorry, I forgot to add that my Polish are bantams!
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