Polish Buff deaths - need advice


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Oct 3, 2008
Hello (my first post),
I just found my 2nd 6-month old Polish Buff dead and I'm wondering if she got too cold last night. I'm really sad about this because the other one died last week. They are the friendliest I have, but probably because they can't see because of their crowns and let me pick them up. I have (had) 3 of these among many other breeds (I have 30 chickens). The two smaller Polish Buff did not seem to understand to go into the chicken coop to roost. They would nestle on the concrete floor or sleep outside in the run. Not a problem in the summer, but now it's getting colder and they still want to sleep in places I don't think are warm enough (like the floor or at the door). I made a little hay box on the floor of the chicken coop for them, but they would not use it. They would not roost at night like the others. I am new to this breed. They don't see well and usually do not free range like the others because they can't figure out how to get out of the run. The others get free range bugs and seeds that they find, but these feed mainly on the commercial bought food since they don't go out of the run.

I have looked on the internet for advice about them, but I am at a loss. I have one more left, the larger. She does roost, solo, but she does get up off the ground. These Polish Buff do not act like others we've had. We have had chickens for several years.

I am wondering if the third should be brought in for the winter. Our other chickens have had no problem wintering. We have an enclosed chicken coop where they sleep at night. It is an old coop built on a cement slab - quite large. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you!


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Aug 8, 2008
, and so sorry your introduction here was caused by the deaths of your beloved Polish.

Most people have to pick up their Polish or Silkie chickens and put them into the coop every night.

It can help to have a light on inside the coop when it's time to go to bed - helps them see the door and nest better.

Of course, the deaths could have been caused by illness, so you might want to study up on the various causes and observe any remaining chickens for signs. If any of them appear ill, first thing to do is isolate.

Hopefully others with more experience will chime in soon.
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