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May 1, 2017
So... I have a 7 week old Silver Laced Polish, who I'm fairly sure is a hen. I've named all of my other chicks but this one, and I can't think of a name! I know this is a weird thing to be posting about but... I've just been calling her the Polish. So, anyone have any suggestions? Anything would help. Here are the names of my other chicks: Autumn, Blossom, Ellie, Copper (rooster), Savannah, Sunny, and Lacey.
Also, know that I won't reply to every one because that would get tedious, but yes, I'll still be looking!
To go with the other names:
Summer, April, June, Georgia...
Polskie (means Polish in Polish lmao), Kura (means Hen in Polish)...
Others: Sterling, Chantilly, Ric Rac, Bobbin, Perdy/Perdita, Polly...

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