Polish chicken eye problem and scabby head

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    Hello. Well I have a year old polish hen who had been through a bunch of stuff this past 4 days. First of all about 3 weeks ago I put some elastics in her hair to keep it out of her face. Well she was scratching at them so I took them out. Come to find out I left one in and it started to cut into her scalp. Along with that both her eyes were super swollen and scabbed shut. I cleaned them out with a warm cloth and flushed them out with saline. Pulled out some chunks of debris. Once cleaned I applied so neomycin ointment. After that I noticed she was infested with lice! I gave her a bath in JOY and clipped off a bunch of feathers with eggs on it. Then I administered .5mls Meloxicam PO and .5mls Oxytetracycline IM. Along with that I gave her some ivromectin for the lice. I now have her in a pack and play in the house. I trimmed her head real short so I could see what was going on. The cut on her head is healing and eyes are finally clear. But now she hasn't eaten or drank in days. I do give her SubQ fluids and oral electrolytes but I need her to eat. What can I give her? How to I give it?
    Also, all she does is turn around in circles with her head cocked to the right. It looks like she is trying to itch her cut on her head. Sometimes she even rolls on the floor or tries to rub her head on me. Anyone else have this problem? I need all the help I can get. Thanks guys. Picture: left was Thursday. And right was Sunday. [​IMG]
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    Hi :welcome Sorry about your bird but from what you have said I would think she must be feeling very itchy have you thought about putting dust bath in for her? I have found a kitty litter tray works well. It seems you have got control of the eye problem maybe the bands were too tight and have pulled at the skin and in turn she has scratched and got some dirt in. I think you have done the right thing trimming back you should be able to see more and that should keep the area dry which is far better for healing. As too feeding and water I would try warm mashed potatoes with feed mixed in. Also hand water regular with dropper or syringe at the side of the beak until she gets the idea. Hope this helps and maybe some one else will post with more suggestion

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